Terms of service

Rights: La Shop à Savons reserves all rights to its logo, images and videos that are disclosed on its website and may under no circumstances be used without our permission.

Payments: Payments are made by credit cards (VISA / Mastercard / American Express) or by bank transfer. For orders paid by wire transfer, you must send us your purchase total to (418) 931-7400 or to the following email address: noemieferrand@hotmail.com. As long as we have not received your payment, we will not process your order.

Pickup: If you live near Lévis, you can choose the Pickup option to avoid delivery costs. Pickup is by appointment that we will determine together according to your availability and ours. However, if you have chosen this option in error, we will wait for payment of the delivery charges from you before shipping your order with Purolator.

Products: All of our products are for external use only. In the event of an allergic reaction with the product used, please discontinue use and consult your doctor if necessary. Please note that we do not recommend lip scrubs for people with food allergies related to almonds, mango butter and any fruits that we are likely to use in our products. Please note that there is no guarantee that, for example, the lime scrub will not contain a trace of another fruit / flavor and vice versa. It is your responsibility to make sure the product is right for you.